I used to live in a room full of mirrors All I could see was me Well I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors Now the whole world is here for me to see -Jimi Hendrix It would be easier for me to tell inquisitors I can’t have children instead of honestly asserting […]

Of Mice and Men

On December 4th, 2014, a New York court unanimously ruled that a chimpanzee is not entitled to legal personhood. This was a disappointing but not surprising loss for the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhrP). They were representing on behalf of Tommy the chimpanzee. Tommy is held in capitivity by his owner Patrick Lavery in New York, and The NhRP wants […]

Achievement Unlocked

The European Space Agency (ESA) landed a probe named Philae on a comet for the first time in human history this week. It took 10 years for Rosetta to reach comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. One of the objectives of the mission to to learn about the origin and of the solar system and possibly life on Earth. Scientists […]


Thousands of Words

World Contraception Day

Today is World Contraception Day. In honor of this under appreciated concept, I will share a PSA that seems like common sense but is unfortunately viewed as heresy by a significant portion of the human population:


Today in Pakistan ten men have been taken into custody, and they are said to have been connected to the attempt on Malala Yousafzai’s life in 2012. They shot her in the head and injured two of her classmates. Miraculously, she survived and has used her story to advocate for education and nonviolence. She is […]