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Mutually Inclusive

I recently began listening to Alan Watts.

I found a youtube video with some timelapse and slightly cheezy music playing along with a noteworthy quote of his:

The quote reminded me of an interview I had seen with Neil Degrasse Tyson in which he talks about what he believes to be the most astounding fact of the universe. This quote is also set to slightly cheezy music and cool photography:

(For another awesome visual of Tyson’s words, check this out.)

I love how an authority on science and an authority on religion can be saying the same thing. Science and religion don’t have to be in opposition. This makes me smile.


One comment on “Mutually Inclusive

  1. This is, in the literal sense of the word, an awe-some parallel, what those two geniuses are saying. The meat of what they’re saying ties in deeply with your very first post on here too. I’m hoping that the sequel to cosmos that Neil is working on will serve up a good heaping of this kind of talk… Not just the scientific, antiseptic side of what we’ve learned about the universe, but also the human, emotional side of that knowledge.

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